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When you step into a coffee shop and are asked (rather unceremoniously, mind you) to wait for at least a good 30-40 minutes before they can accommodate you, chances are you’d be pretty peeved. Yes, we are all pampered in the most hep and cool cafe coffee days and baristas(available in every nook and corner) where we are used to our every wish being addressed in no time.It seems like consumerism fans a lot of our impatience as a result, we take this slight rather unwillingly and take a seat in the waiting hall.

A glance around and you wouldn’t find anything fancy. Simple chairs while you wait and an equally simple setting inside(eating area). On your first visit it may appear difficult to figure out what compels people to rave about this place. I have heard about this place from so many people for more than five years. And now that I got here I might as well find out.

My friend and I got chatting for a bit and he tells me even the famous NGC were denied permission to shoot in the kitchens here. MTR take great pride in the standards of cleanliness in their kitchens. We were keeping an eye on who were all going in and were a bit disgruntled to find some rather old regulars being let in.

When our call finally came, we had to share our table with another twosome. With the wait which seems to have whet our appetite rather well, we didnt seem to care about too many other things. The waiters were polite and curt and took the orders. It didn’t take them too long to come out with a tray carrying many plates of rawa idlis. I was told that rawa idlis (made from semolina) were started by the MTR folks and is now a very popular item on the menu card of most South Indian snack joints or coffee shops.

The rawa idli was fine, hot and soft and just the right amount of flavour. And was quickly followed by the dosa. The dosa was fantastic, crisp as well as soft and a well made potato stuffing. And the coffee to come in the end.

I am not a coffee connoisseur, but I surely enjoy my coffee. I like it rich, strong, and not cloyingly sweet. And the filter coffee here was nothing short of excellent. It will certainly take a while before I may begin to appreciate the capuccino and lattes. When the bill was presented it was yet another surprise. At the risk of sounding a cheap skate, I have tomention that two people can have an amazing breakfast and coffee in Rs 150.

When in Bengaluru, if there is one reason you should visit the MTR, it is most certainly the food. If there are two reasons – food and experience. Decors, interiors and ambiance isn’t a plus, but would one want to go a fancy well decorated place that served ordinary food? As for the waiting part, like they say, good things come to those who can wait.

You can read more about the place and its history here



  1. I’m drooling now- those look sooooo good. Its always the small coffee shops , tucked away in obscurity (ones that only locals know of) that have the tastiest food…. Why is that? Anyway, I love street food and little gourmet discoveries!!!

    Found you via Patty’s blog!….loved your door series featured there!


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