Pottery Town

It was a tad disappointing trip to the Potters Town. I went with the hope of watching the potters making pots with the help of the wheels. But the potters now seem to have learnt to tap the benefits of technology to their advantage. What was worse is when I got there they had a power cut ..Talk of bad timing. Also in the later half of the day most artisans wind up and leave their pots to dry or in the furnace to make them strong.

Most of the locally made merchandise comprised of diya, small sized pots and earthen glasses(possibly the kind they may use to serve chai in railway stations, if Lalu Prasad Yadav had his way). The more elaborate or decorative pots are sourced from the villages, I was told.

The diyas look like some large number of commas.

The place allows a nice study in form, shape and repetitions

The diyas are put in here to gain strength and last long.


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