Kondapally Bommalu

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Kondapalli is an Industrial town near Vijayawada city, Andhra Pradesh, India with population of nearly 38000. It is 16 km by road from Vijayawada on National Highway 221 and on Hyderabad –Vijayawada railway line.. It is very famous for Kondapalli bommalu (Kondapally toys).‘kondapalli toys chiselled out of locally available special light softwood (‘Tella Poniki’) and painted with vegetable dyes, and vibrant enamel colours are world-famous artistic wonders. They are made by artisans said to have migrated from Rajasthan several generations ago.

In what is called the Toys colony, every household in involved in making these toys. An artisan says, “A few years ago it used to be tough but now business has been picking up”. I guess that is largely due to the fact these toys are not collectibles(like in the past) anymore but have been reduced to souvenirs.


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