Sangameshwara Temple

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The Kudali Sangameshwara temple, probably constructed by Pulakesi I (540-566 AD), is one of the earliest and grandest of the Badami Chalukyan temples in Andhra Pradesh. Once situated at the confluence of the rivers Krishna and Tungabhadra, the temple was dismantled during the Srisailam project and reconstructed here on the outskirts of Alampur town.

The entrance is flanked by casually seated (sukhasana) images of the nidhi-purushas or personifications of divine attributes. Next to them are figures of river goddesses. On the right the image of Ganga is missing, replaced by a perforated screen. These vertical panels are surmounted by unusual animal pediments typical of this temple.

The temple is raised on a basement platform whose outer edge is raised to form a perimeter wall that surrounds the pradakshinapatha. This is a rare feature in Badami Chalukya temples, though comparable with the Pallava Kailasnatha temple at Kanchipuram. This perimeter wall has several moldings separated by miniature pilasters, and is surmounted by a series of shala roof forms. The south-east corner is developed into a complete shrine with a barrel-vaulted roof.

The wall has a series of stepped projections that are carried up to the top, culminating in shala roofs with a miniature candrasala at the centre. The projections contain miniature images of figures flanked by miniature pilasters and sheltered by an overhanging eave. Niches between these projections contain water spouts carried by kneeling elephants.

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  1. I love this series…So wonderful to see amazing architecture and shilpakhala still intact after centuries…Keep travelling ..keep posting!!!

  2. Its a wonderplace historical place to visit..i live in hyderbad.. can u kindly post or email me the address in detail and distance from hyderabad.



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