Bidar : Intro

Wore the travel boots after a very long time. This time the destination was the quaint little town of Bidar. Bidar is derived from “bidiru” meaning bamboo. Apparently the area was covered with dense bamboo forest once upon a time and called “Bidaroor”.

Bidar is home to many monuments of historical interest. The Bidar Fort situated is said to be one of the biggest forts in India. The great Mahmud Gawan Madrassa is reminiscent of the rich architecture of the Bahmani era.

The peaceful town is laidback and the residents seem to have a lot of character. The old city in particular seemed to be filled with a lot of colour. For the introductory post, here are a couple of images of some colourful doors.

The Chaubara is a clocktower, in the heart of the town and is roughly 22mt high. It served as a watch tower from where the entire plateau could be seen.



    • Thank you Rishi. Since I see you are from Bidar, perhaps your explanation will be more valid than what I read from wiki. Maybe you should get it modified there as well.

      Once again, thanks for visiting as well as your time. And of course your kind words.

      • Dear Lakshmi, read when free.– An occasion to recall Aurangazeb’s association with this historic city——-

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