Bidar : Madrassa

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A few 100 mts away from the Chaubara stands the Mahmud Gawan University or the Madrassa. It was designed with the hope that it be a seat for learning till qayamat(when the world is destroyed). which unfortunately wasn’t meant to be.

More about the monument and its builder from

Mahmud Gawan

The builder of this grandiose madrasa was the prime-minister of the Bahmani empire in the late 15th century. He became powerful through military campaigns, administrative reform, and a policy of balancing rival factions in the Bahmani court. The madrasa however, built to reaffirm Shiism as the state religion, is clearly modeled on contemporary central Asian buildings. Its principal east facade, now partly ruined, faces the city’s main street leading to the citadel. An imposing minaret is in three stages separated by cantilevered balconies and surmounted by a dome. The minaret and façade walls were once covered with blue and white tiles, with traces of yellow and green

Central Courtyard

Arched portals on each side lead to this square, central courtyard with a small tank at the centre. Triple tiers of arched openings on either side of the portals lead to teaching chambers and the library. An octagonal tower at the centre of each wall marks an entrance. It is surmounted by a bulbous dome raised on an octagonal drum. Several desolate graves lie in the surrounding field.


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