Bidar : everything else

Gurudwara Nanak Jhira Saheb

Bidar is also well-known for the Gurudwara . It is said that there was acute shortage of drinking water as most of the available water was salty. When Guru Nanak visited the place and stayed at a hillock nearby, the residents of the town expressed the plight. On hearing of the predicament , the compassionate Guruji was moved and removed a stone from the hillock and to the delight of all, clean sweet drinking water started gushing out. The water has been flowing for the last 500 years. ‘Nanak Jhira’ means a spring of water and water has been continuously flowing from this spring and by the Grace of Guru Nanak ever since. This water is good for health and is said to have curative properties. Later, a Gurudwara has been built at this place.

This was the first time I had a chance to observe a Gurudwara and the followers of Sikhism closely. We had lunch at the Langar and the spirit of equality and voluntary service was humbling to say the least. The lunch was simple and everyone is served in a similar manner. The rotis were served to the joined palms as if it was an offering from the grace of the Almighty and we should appreciate and be thankful for the Grace.

©Lakshmi Prabhala 2011

Jharani Narasimha Swami Temple

Narasimha Swami Temple is a cave temple into which water runs. One has to wade through water up to chest height for a distance of 300 mts to have darshan of the idol. The water is natural although the source is not known. There are bats and owls on the rooftop of the caves but are harmless. The place is surrounded by picturesque scenery. The image on the top is of the deity placed at the entrance, and the one below is of the path leading up to the idol. We didnt have darshan as we didnt go prepared.

©Lakshmi Prabhala 2011
©Lakshmi Prabhala 2011

Jungle Lodges and Resort

The good thing about travelling with friends is we all come with suggestions and try out different things to do. Who would have thought it possible to capture glimpses of some of our feathered friends in a place that is known more for its historic monuments and handicrafts. A friend suggested we check out Jungle Lodges and Resorts which was 20 odd km away from Bidar, my first visit to such a resort. One would wake up to the view of a lake with a variety of birds chirping around. I think I will definitely stay here another time and would recommend it as a weekend getaway to anyone who may be interested. For someone who is more keen on shooting streets/people and the like, I think I will do my bird-watching friends proud!  Presenting two birds(a king-fisher and a hoopoe) who weren’t scared of an innova, and posed for us for at least 5 min. The kingfisher caught some fish too!

©Lakshmi Prabhala 2011
©Lakshmi Prabhala 2011

Parting shot

We were all amused by this poster which had us in splits every time we passed by. Just before we left town we said our goodbyes to the uniformed big B as well.

©Lakshmi Prabhala 2011

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