Tirupati :: Silathoranam


A trip to Tirupati can never be complete without going to Tirumala. On a weekend afternoon, I took an ordinary bus to the hills, and realised the amount of floating population that the pilgrimage town caters to on a daily or weekly ( would be more accurate) basis. I had a Tamilian couple on their honeymoon sitting behind me, a small group of Maharashtrian men donned entirely in white (kurta, dhoti and topi) and larger group of students from the North East having a good time. It felt like a mini India of sorts for the entire 1 hour ride.

I did not have a slot booked for a darshan, as it skipped my mind. But the number of people that turned out at Tirumala completely overwhelmed me. I wasn’t sure if I could stand in a queue long enough for a darshan. I quickly checked to see if there were any places of  interest nearby. I hadn’t heard of Silathoranam , a “natural arch” rock formation near Chakra Teertham. Having seen one at Pandavulaguttalu near Warangal, I figured it would be interesting to have seen one each in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

I was there during the evening, and I think the early morning light would be quite beautiful.




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